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St. Luke's Hospital Monroe Campus

100 St. Luke's Lane

Stroudsburg, PA 18360-6217

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Green indicates that the hospital's result was better than or equal to the selected benchmark.

Black indicates that the hospital's result was below the selected benchmark.

Rollover the Questionmark for more information on the measure.

Rollover the Calendar to see the corresponding measurement period and number of patients included in the results.

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Healthcare-Associated Infections

Outcome Measures Measures hospital results in specific areas.

  St. Luke's Hospital Monroe Campus    
Urinary Tract Infections (Catheter Associated)      N/A
Bloodstream Infections (Central Line Associated)      N/A
Colon Surgical Site Infections      N/A
MRSA (Staph) Infections      N/A
C. Difficile Infections      Not significantly different than national infection rate


Process Measures Measures how often hospitals are performing recommended tasks.
The column highlighted in yellow is the benchmark to which the Hospital is compared. Click other column headers to change the comparison.

  St. Luke's Hospital Monroe Campus PA Rate US Rate Top 10% Nationally
Pnuemococcal Immunization      N/A 92% 92% 99%
Influenza Immunization      80% 94% 93% 100%
Flu Vaccine for Health Care Workers      87% 91% 88% 99%

Emergency Department

System Measures Measures reflect the way in which whole "systems" of care (hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, etc.) work. As a result, these measures may or may not be specifically indicative of Hospital quality.

Emergency Department (ED) Measures Display how timely and effective the care in a hospital's emergency department is delivered. Measures which show ED timeliness of care are displayed as an average in minutes, and thus may not reflect daily fluctuations of ED care. For these measures, a lower score in better. Please note that all ED measures are based on a limited sample each quarter and do not reflect the median score of all ED patients.

  St. Luke's Hospital Monroe Campus PA Average US Average  
Time from Emergency Department (ED) Arrival to ED Departure for Admitted Patients      428 Minutes 280 Minutes 281 Minutes  
Time from Admit Decision to Departure Time from the Emergency Department (ED) for Admitted Patients      338 Minutes 108 Minutes 102 Minutes  
Median Time From ED Arrival to ED Departure for Discharged ED Patients      144 Minutes 142 Minutes 140 Minutes  
Door to Diagnostic Evaluation by a Qualified Medical Professional      24 Minutes 22 Minutes 20 Minutes  
ED-Median Time to Pain Management for Long Bone Fracture      51 Minutes 55 Minutes 49 Minutes  
ED-Patient Left Without Being Seen      0% 2% 2%  

*These PA and US rates are case-weighted averages, which are calculated by dividing the total number of patients/cases that meet the received the recommended care according to the measure’s criteria by the total number of patients/cases that are eligible to be counted based on the measure’s inclusion criteria for all facilities included in the specified Hospital population.

**The Hospital quality measures reported on this website come from a variety of sources using several data collection processes and update schedules. While the PHCQA website contains the most recent publicly available information, the time periods represented by these data range from 6 to 24 months old. Caution should be used when drawing conclusions from these data as a Hospital’s performance may have changed significantly since the data was collected and reported. The PHCQA recommends you contact the Hospital directly to obtain the most recent performance data.