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About PHCQA:

Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance (PHCQA) is to improve the quality of patient health by developing a statewide approach on hospital quality measures that will help providers to evaluate and improve the quality of their patient care, enable consumers to compare provider performance, and help insurers evaluate the performance of their provider networks.

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To execute our vision moving forward, we will be:

  • Creating a uniform, statewide approach to transparency of health care quality performance measurement that is fair and valid.
  • Utilizing measures that are evidence-based and actionable, and that enable alignment across medical conditions and settings of care.
  • Building on state, federal, and private data sources and measures, as appropriate.
  • Utilizing methods of measurement, data collection, and reporting that are statistically sound and not unreasonably burdensome to capture or report.


The first PHCQA Progress and Performance Report was published in early 2008, and new data is posted to the website on a monthly basis. The PHCQA will continue to work on enhancing, updating and adding measures as additional shared definitions of health care quality measures and standards are developed.

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About PHCQA: