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Medical Center at Gwynedd


605 North Bethlehem Pike

Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002

(215) 643-2403

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Green indicates that the physician practice's result was better than or equal to the selected benchmark.

Black indicates that the physician practice's result was below the selected benchmark.

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Diabetes Care

Process Measures Measures how often physician practices are performing recommended tasks.
The column highlighted in yellow is the benchmark to which the Physician Practice is compared. Click other column headers to change the comparison.

  Medical Center at Gwynedd CCI Avg US Avg Top 10% Nationally
Average Blood Sugar Level Measured in Past Year    N/A 95% 90% 94%
Retinal Eye Examination    N/A 55% 58% 75%
Patients with an LDL Test in Past Year    N/A 91% 86% 91%
Tested for Nephropathy or Already Under Treatment    N/A 83% 84% 90%

Intermediate Outcome Measures Measures physician practice effectiveness in managing diabetes.

  Medical Center at Gwynedd CCI Average    
Patients with Blood Pressure Less than 140/90    N/A 85.2 %    
Patients with Blood Sugar Levels Over 9% (Poorly Controlled)    N/A 18.4 %