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Intellectual Property and Data Use Policy:

Intellectual Property

Information published on the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance™ (PHCQA™) website, including, without limitation, the data, information, logos, designs, and text, is solely owned by PHCQA, its licensors, health care providers, or other third parties and is protected by copyright, trademark, or patent laws. All rights are reserved. The “Hospital Progress and Performance Reports” and the data contained therein are designed exclusively for the benefit of public users of the PHCQA web site to provide aggregated health care quality performance measures. Users of the site may print, download, and store information for their personal non-commercial use, but may not distribute, republish, sell, exploit, duplicate, modify, or create derivative works of the information without the prior written approval of PHCQA.

Use of Data and Information

The data and information on this site are intended for informational use only. Restrictions on the use of the data and information are designed primarily to:

  1. Prevent selective use of information from the PHCQA website which could be misleading and/or incomplete.
  2. Avoid the publication of stale or outdated PHCQA data given the continual updating of information on the PHCQA site.
  3. Prevent the competitive use of PHCQA data and information which may cause providers not to provide PHCQA with access to their data and information.

PHCQA prohibits any reference to the data or information on its website for commercial, advertising, promotional or similar purposes. PHCQA also prohibits any use of the names Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance or PHCQA in any commercial, advertising, promotional or similar materials.

This policy does not prohibit PHCQA members from identifying themselves as belonging to the PHCQA nor does it prohibit members from explaining the purpose or function of the PHCQA. PHCQA members are also permitted to provide and distribute the PHCQA website address in electronic or printed form.

In the event of a violation of this policy or its intellectual property rights, PHCQA will take all steps necessary to address the violation, including legal action when appropriate.